Leadership and Mentorship Competency

What is Leadership and Mentorship Competency?

  • Leadership and mentorship competencies include an individual’s ability to team build by relating to and motivating others towards specific goals with the knowledge and confidence to make short and long term decisions within a particular project context
  • Leadership involves the abilities in four areas:
    • Technical knowledge within a specific disciplines
    • Organizational competencies which include a leader’s decision making skills
    • Strategic competencies which includes the ability to contextualize projects and set a long term goals
    • People competencies, the ability to motivate others and team build
  • Graduate leadership is shifting with an increased emphasis on collaborative and inter-disciplinary work, community and industrial partnership and increasing diversity among graduate students
  • Leadership and mentorship opportunities includes the ability to foster productive academic mentor relationships (as both a mentee and mentor) as well as to seek out leadership opportunities on campus (such as positions with SOGS or the GTA), through discipline specific academic activities (e.g. journal editors, serving on undergraduate thesis committees, supervising labs, coordinating teaching assistants) or volunteerism and civic engagement (e.g. Western Serves) 

Programs with Leadership and Mentorship as Main Competency

Indigenous Services
The Student Development Centre's Indigenous Services provides culturally supportive services and programs to Indigenous Students at Western University.
Leadership Education Program Facilitator
The Leadership Education Program (LEP) is a free program providing Western undergrads with the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge that will help them become truly effective leaders. Facilitation is an exciting endeavour that will see you take existing content and develop your own method of delivery to present the module to small groups of engaged students.
Professional Certificate in Leadership
This first level of leadership development consists of seven courses designed to present fundamental knowledge that will help new and experienced leaders understand their role and the potential they have to positively influence others.
Scholars to Leaders Series
The monthly luncheon events showcase guest speakers who share valuable insight and expertise on critical aspects of leadership from their own career experiences.
Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) Leadership Opportunities
SOGS presents graduate students with numerous opportunities to get involved in university governance with several committees and its executive council.
Union Opportunities for TAs and Postdocs (PSAC Local 610)
Opportunities to get involved by becoming a department steward, running for an executive position, or joining a local committee. Participating in the Local is an excellent way for GTAs and Postdocs to contribute to the community and gain worthwhile experience.

Programs with Leadership and Mentorship as Secondary Competency

Graduate Career Day
This event provides graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with the opportunity to gain valuable information about landing both academic and non-academic positions and will be comprised of a series of workshops on networking to a non-academic position, preparing for academic and non-academic interviews, negotiating first faculty contracts, and alumni panel discussions.
Graduate Student Orientation
SGPS's Graduate Student Orientation is a great opportunity to meet new students and important contacts on campus, in addition to learning about various Western services to help make your graduate experience a memorable one.
Graduate Studies 9500: Theory And Practice Of University Teaching
A 10-week graduate course that introduces students to the theory and practice of university teaching and includes four micro-teaching sessions and preparation of a teaching portfolio.
Lead TA Program
The Lead TA Program is an initiative on campus to facilitate the professional development of teaching assistants at a discipline-specific level.
Post-doctoral Leadership Training and Career Support
Psychological Services
Western's Student Development Centre provides professional, confidential psychological services free of charge to all Western students.
The Teaching Mentor Program For Graduate Students
The Teaching Mentor Program for Graduate Students is a unique opportunity for graduate students to be observed in their personal teaching environment and to receive valuable feedback from peers.
Western Certificate in Academic and Professional Communication
This Certificate is designed to enhance the academic and professional communication skills of international graduate students in order to help them make a successful transition to Canadian academia and to prepare them for success in international research and professional settings.
Western Certificate In University Teaching And Learning
The goal of the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning program is to enhance the teaching skills of graduate teaching assistants and to prepare graduate students for future faculty careers.