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Tools for Success in Graduate School and Beyond: Building Relationships…Having an Impact
University of Texas at Austin

Sterneworks - Academe
Resources on professionalization, job search, negotiating starting salaries, and more

Tomorrow’s Professor Listserv and Blog

Science, math, and engineering career resources

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Video Presentations on Careers
University Affairs
Topics include strategies for landing your first academic position, CVs and resumés, and getting published

Careers, Jobs, and Networking
American Political Science Association

myIDP: Individual Development Plan
American Association for the Advancement of Science


The Career Centre at Western
Located at UCC Suite 210 serves Western Students and Alumni with services including Career Counselling, Career Events, Workshops, Job and Volunteer Postings and Career Resources. 

Career Central
The Career Centre @ Western’s online, one-stop employment and career resource. Log to access employment opportunities and career related events.

Leaving the Ivory Tower, What Else You Can Do With a Graduate Degree
Career Workshop Handbook by Clare Tattersall, Faculty of Graduate Studies, The University of Western Ontario. A positive look at the essentials of job research and job searching outside of the academy. 

Doctor who? Marketing your transferable skills for employment beyond academia
University Affairs

CV or résumé? A beginner's guide to non-academic applications
University Affairs

Where to Find Information on Nonacademic Careers
This website is extremely comprehensive and provides numerous links to websites for PhD graduates from a variety of disciplines. Links to job sites, job search resources, and other supports are provided. 

Non-Academic Career Options
University of British Columbia

But I Have No Skills: What You Should Know about Non-academic Careers for Ph.Ds
by Rebecca Bryant, from the Chronicle of Higher Education

From CV to Resume
by Kim Thompson and Terren Ilana Wein, Chronicle of Higher Education

It's April, and I Still Don't Have a Job! The Panicked Scientist's Guide to Accelerated Job Searches by Peter Fiske
published in Science Next Wave

Making the Most of Career Fairs
by Garthe Fowler, published in Science Careers.org

Transferrable Skills for PhDs a guide from the University of Michigan Career Center

Transferring Your Skills to a Non–Academic Setting
Margaret Newhouse

Where to find information on Non–Academic Careers
Gabriela Montell from the Chronicle of Higher Education

Science Careers
Dedicated to being the world leader in matching qualified scientists with jobs in industry, academia, and government, Science Careers is committed to providing all the necessary career resources for scientists as well as effective recruiting solutions for employers.


Opportunities: The Golden Chapter
A Career 'Framework': Guiding Light or Empty Words?
Reality Check: U.K. Report Reveals Variety of Career Paths for Ph.D.s
Hidden Talents, Hungry Markets: Ph.D.s Have Many Skills to Offer Industry
Work-Life in Industry: Thinking Outside the 9-to-5 box
Tooling Up: Three Categories of Rules
Tooling Up: 'Culturing' Your Marketable Skills
From an Employer's Wish-List to Your CV, Part 1

New Scientist 
Describes itself as “the ultimate science and technology website” with over 76,000 content pieces, including an online job bank.

Graduate special: Puzzled over the future?

Employability Skills 
Quick reference on employability skills developed by The Conference Board of Canada. 

w88Việt nam


A job search engine with a new grad section which allows you to search for positions by degree

Good work
Canada’s Green Job site since 2001. Check out this resource for information about employment, internships and other opportunities.

BioTalent Canada
Helps Canada’s bio-economy industry thrive globally. As a non-profit national organization of innovators leading our bio-economy, BioTalent Canada anticipates needs and creates new opportunities, delivering human resources tools, information and skills development to ensure the industry has access to job-ready people.

A guide to Canadian universities, community colleges and Career Colleges. This site also includes Canadian job and career resources for current students, recent graduates, volunteering and those seeking a career change working in Canada.