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Programs tagged with Seminar or Talk

Graduate Student Orientation
SGPS's Graduate Student Orientation is a great opportunity to meet new students and important contacts on campus, in addition to learning about various Western services to help make your graduate experience a memorable one.
GradWrite: Graduate Writing Workshops
Writing lectures on a variety of topics aimed at helping you gain confidence and success in writing graduate level papers are offered throughout the year.
GradWRITE Graduate Writing Conference
A day-long conference to address specific graduate writing concerns and an opportunity to learn about best practices from faculty.
Lead TA Program
The Lead TA Program is an initiative on campus to facilitate the professional development of teaching assistants at a discipline-specific level.
Scholarship Information Sessions
Designed to provide scholars with clear direction on how to apply for major external scholarships and fellowships. This series of presentations is open to all. No registration is required.
Scholars to Leaders Series
The monthly luncheon events showcase guest speakers who share valuable insight and expertise on critical aspects of leadership from their own career experiences.
Statistics and Data Series
Lectures that promote the enhancement of skills in statistical techniques and use of quantitative data for empirical and interdisciplinary research.
Upcoming Doctoral Public Lectures
The Society for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies posts all upcoming Doctoral Public Lectures.